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An Appreciation of

The Petrified Forest of Arizona

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since, for as many aeons, the tireless moths of Erosion have been gnaw-
ing away their league-thick blankets, till at last they are bared again
to the Arizona sun — the most imperishable of earthly things, and of
fadeless beauty; a "Forest" in Glorified Stone, its very bark and

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the earth-making process as revealed to
us by a study of the Petrified Forest of
Arizona in the light of modern scientific

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or Noah and his family fled from a bank-
rupt world — even ere Adam was — forests
were growing in Arizona. In the course
of ages some cosmic catastrophe struck

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ancient logs were again brought upward,
and after years of erosion they were once
more "living" under the brilliant Arizona
skies — not as they once lived, but in a

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Arizona. There is every evidence that
the trees grew beside some inland sea.

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Institute, writes as follows:
  "In the celebrated Petrified Forest,
Arizona, there are ruins of several
Indian Villages. These villages are

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trip may be continued farther north through
the Navajo country. Notice in advance to
Mr. Wm. Nelson at Adamana, Arizona, owner of
livery, will insure proper handling of parties.

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Service, Department of the Interior, Washing-
ton, D. C. The Monument Custodian is located
at Adamana, Arizona.
U. S. Government Publications

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Western Lines, 646 Transportation Building,
Chicago, 111.
Arizona and New Mexico Rockies
California for the Tourist

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Crater Lake National Park, Oregon
Glacier National Park, Montana
Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
Hawaii National Park, Hawaiian Islands

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  Michigan, Iowa and Illinois.
Pacific Northwest and Alaska
Petrified Forest National Monument, Arizona
Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado