CHAPTER VII   The Mojave Desert
    Page 63 ... Line 12
While waiting for the sun to set, we took a short
stroll over to the adobe ruins. Inside the enclosure
lay an enormous rattlesnake, coiled. It was the first
one I had ever seen except in a cage, and I was fas-

CHAPTER XVII   The Colorado Desert
    Page 143 ... Line 9
That Time had eaten, as a bone
Is eaten by some savage beast.
Great dull-eyed rattlesnakes - they lay
All loathsome, yellow-skinned, and slept

CHAPTER XVII   The Colorado Desert
    Page 145 ... Line 13
roundings filled my mind for a long time after we
drove away, and it was only when we halted and a
soldier got down to kill a great rattlesnake near the
ambulance, that my thoughts were diverted. The