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An Introduction

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THIS small set of books is focused on the area now known as Arizona. The topics include the climate, the experiences of an Army wife, a pamphlet created by the railroad administration describing the Petrified Forest, the Saguaro National Monument area near Tucson, and a large book by a timekeeper.

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The Books

Our focus in this book is the final chapter - The Beasts & Birds.

The Story of Arizona -- Chapter XXVIII

Robinson, Will H. (Will Henry) 1867-1938

Climatography of the Salt River Valley Region,
The Land of Health and Sunshine

Published by the United States Railroad Administration

Petrified Forest, National Monument

By Natt N. Dodge published in 1957 & by Napier Shelton 1972

Saguaro National Monument, Arizona

Vanished Arizona : Recollections of the Army Life of a New England Woman

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The Economic Pinch

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