Digital Photography

What kind of digital camera should I use ?

Common categories used to describe digital cameras:
Point and Shoot (least expensive, least control)
Better Quality (mid-range price, higher resolution, more control)
High Quality Non-professional (higher price, multi-megapixel, lots of control and options)
Professional (very high price, very high resolution, complete control, and multiple high quality lenses).

Additional perspectives and detailed descriptions to help you determine the most appropriate camera type for your needs may be found in the resources listed below.
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What do I need to know to get good pictures with a digital camera ?

Digital cameras differ from film-based ones in several ways. To make good photographs you need to learn the new features, and adapt your methods for certain situations. The links below provide helpful suggestions for capturing the images you want.
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Digital vs. Film: When is Digital the appropriate choice ?

Do you really want a digital camera? Will it meet your needs as well as a film-based camera? Some of the comparisons and discussions below may help you decide.
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