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North of U.S. Route 60 - The Old West Highway - and south of the
Superstition Mountain Wilderness is an Apache Junction, Arizona urban village.

Affordable Homes, Horrible Commute Pinal County Boom Has Uncertain Future
As long as there are fundamental disagreements over the cause of Pinal's predicament, little will be done.

Reality of Overcrowding Upsets Students' Parents
Students were attending class in the hallway. They were eating lunch in their classrooms. Some classes had two kids to a desk. All the kids were sweating through gym class outside in sticky 100-plus degree heat.

The gym had been transformed into four classrooms. The cafeteria held three. Traditional "hot lunch" had been replaced by brown bag lunches that kids ate in their classrooms.

But, this is what the parents chose.

According to the district, parents overwhelmingly chose to cram the hundreds of extra kids into the existing school over the options of busing the middle-schoolers to a school in Coolidge or splitting the academic day into two halves.

District officials say the school is now in compliance with the state fire marshal.

... parents knew the beginning of the year would be tough because they voted for the "overcrowding" option, but she said she thinks some parents probably had second thoughts once they saw the reality of the situation.

Scottsdale Trims Plans for Recreation Area
Gilbert Hospital Busier Than Forecast

Sept 2006 - Plans for developer-donated temporary traffic signals at about 14 intersections in Queen Creek and surrounding areas have not come through as expected....
Aug 2007 - Queen Creek waiting for signals
Aug 2007 - Queen Creek growth issues survey goes online - PR

Pinal County Growth Focus of New Group

Those far-out suburbs offer cheaper and newer housing for those working in the Phoenix area, as well as retirees. It also is cause for some growth strains, including traffic problems, overcrowded schools and an increased need for public services.

Cities and organizations involved in the new group include the four Pinal cities, the Apache Junction Chamber, the Pinal County government, Arizona Public Service Co. and Salt River Project.

Villa Monterey golf course abandoned --- Two auctions of state's trust land canceled
Pinal County home resales are declining - Pinal home sales, prices stall

Common Practices = A Developing Disaster
  • purchase the land just outside the 'city limits'
  • blade it all quickly
  • hire those guys coming up from south of the border
    - they don't care about building codes or ordinances
  • destroy the wash areas & riparian habitats
  • get outside backing for golf courses with promise of high returns on adjacent new housing construction.
  • encourage elected officials to envision glorious development during their tenure
  • rezone area for greater density than inner city for maximum return
  • have nearest city/town run a water line five plus miles
  • put a wall around the cookie-cutter houses & sell it as a gated community
  • encourage obesity - sidewalks, bicycle & nature trails require too much space
  • remain confident (as the years go by) that the golfing presenilers buy into this....

July '03 azcentral.com

I read with total dismay, anger and sadness last week's information that we had reached an all-time-high of 96 degrees for the overnight temperature.

As a 52-year-old native of Phoenix, I still remember when, no matter how hot it got during the day, as soon as the sun began to set, the temperature immediately started to drop and we enjoyed temperatures down to the 70s and even lower every night.

I thank all the filthy-rich, greedy developers who have plowed under every orchard, field and vineyard in the entire Valley to make room for another asphalt parking lot or apartment complex to hold in more of the day's blistering heat.

And I especially would like to thank all of the "in-their-pocket" politicians who stood back and allowed this rape of our once-beautiful city to occur.

- Antonio Morales Jr. - Glendale

1659 similar houses
A Showcase of Homes
A Swapmeet of Houses
The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine
Shame Shame!
Jane Citizen
Gold Canyon, AZ

I was horrified to read that you and your cronies were digging up and destroying land located within a protected Wilderness Area! The Superstitions are to be protected and enjoyed without altering or desicrating the natural environment. The real gold of the Superstitions can be found in the beautiful views, rare and unique flora and fauna and the peace and solitude that can be obtained during one's visit. There is no price for what can be emotionally and spiritually gained within the Wilderness Area. Shame on you for altering the natural environment in an attempt for personal monetary gain. If everyone did this, imagine the irreversible destruction that would result! I appreciate the area's history and lore just as much as anyone else, but I don't support destruction of a wilderness area (which is supposed to be enjoyed by all people) just so someone can try and get rich. I suggest you visit the Leave No Trace website (http://www.lnt.org/) and learn some wilderness ethics!

Jane Citizen
Give me a BREAK!
Globe, Az

Dear jane, I am afraid you didn't read all the comments, or you didn't read them very well. It has already been established that Mr. X was NOT digging in the Superstition Wilderness area. I find it interesting that you display such an intense desire to protect the "beautiful views, rare and unique flora and fauna and the peace and solitude" of the area. Did you know the area where you have chosen to live (Gold Canyon) was once a beautifull blooming natural Desert which is being destroyed by bulldozers and subdivisions for people like yourself who put up gated communities and destroy the "spiritually" of the entire area? Just imagine the irreversible destruction that has resulted from YOUR selfish abuse of the land. I suggest YOU visit the Leave No Trace website (http://www.lnt.org/) and learn some wilderness ethics!


Salinity Control Program
Colorado River Basin
Water Supply Protection
Central Arizona Study - Summary

Pima County Administrator wants to kill previously approved plans for up to seven new golf courses ....

"It is important that a strong environmental ethos is a cornerstone of new golf projects,..."
St Andrews is promoting "sustainable golf" and telling golfers that environmentally-friendly
courses make for a better game.

Tucson - New Water Policy May Curb Homes on Fringes
"New houses on the outskirts of Tucson are drawing down the water table, drying up streams and causing subsidence.... To reverse the damage, Pima County is considering a new policy that could mean fewer new houses on the fringes, far more water conservation technology...."

Developer Buys 1,010 Acres of Trust Land
New Land Baron Has Checkered Past - Puts Mohave Project On Back Burner
Developer paying disgraced ex-Nevada politician
Former Nevada Clark County Commissioner receiving $201,600 Rhodes salary
Developer faces deadline on Nevada corruption testimony

This year's vision (2006) -
This vision includes features such as urban places and pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods, environmentally sensitive and sustainable communities, integrated transportation options, special attention to washes and natural drainage systems and quality long-term planning for land use and infrastructure.
2007 - Apache Junction's Superstition Mountain Estates is promoting
an environmentally conscious way of life - solar power

'The rural way of life will be intact as well as the preservation of the environment.'

'Open space was undoubtedly the most important characteristic to Pinal County residents, Mr. Dunham said. Also important are the rural atmosphere, natural beauty, history and heritage, night sky and clean air, diversity, sense of community, agriculture, wildlife, and water resources.'

"They're really trying to cram a lot in there," commented Planning and Zoning Commission Chairman Pat ...."
Peralta Development and Gold Canyon condos on county's Planning & Zoning Agenda = PETITION > Meeting Minutes
821 homes planned for 320 acres between Peralta Trail and Mesa Del Oro
"... one entrance planned into and out of the community, with the exception of emergency gates, requiring residents to drive through the existing Peralta Trails subdivisions to reach U.S. 60."

Pulte Halts Plan for Big Complex in Benson - Comments