Beatrice Loftly, Lucy West, Miss. M.B. Head, home economics teacher, and Josephine Daniels, in school home economics room enjoying ice cream they have made. Flint River Farms, Georgia

Home economics students learn to wait on tables in the home economics lunch room at Iowa State College. Ames, Iowa

Uncle Sam to standardize garmet sizes. Washington D.C., July 23. To enable fathers and mothers to order clothes with the confidence that a size 8 or 10, is all its supposed to ...

Correct way to bake turkey demonstrated by Uncle Sam's expert cooks. Washington, D.C., Dec. 4. Note to housewives: your turkey- baking troubles will be over and the bird you serve for dinner ...

Old Bureau ready to do work of proposed economics agency. Washington, D.C., May 6. Dr. Alexander V. Dye, Director of the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, Department of Commerce, which has ...

Cuban representative to study home economics in the United States. Washington, D.C., Sept. 22. Senorita Graceila Guerra, of Havana, Cuba, who is an authority on rural education and home economics in Cuba, ...

Crop Insurance Committee meets for first time. Washington, D.C. Sept. 25. Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace, as chairman called the crop insurance committee appointed by President Roosevelt this week into session ...

New living room. Dining room is connected but not shown "After" pictures of head teacher training school for home economics.

"Now I know why they call it "supply-side" economics"

Potomac Electric Power Co. Building. Home economics, lecture on nutrition I

Potomac Electric Power Co. Building. Home economics, lecture on nutrition II

"There's nothing new about our supply-side economics"

[Home economics classes]: Bridgewater College, Bridgewater, Va.

[Home economics classes]: Louisiana Industrial Institute and College sewing class for girls, Ruston, La.

[Home economics classes]: Class of girls rolling pastry, New Orleans, La.

[Home economics classes]: Cooking School in State Normal College, Natchitoches, La.

Texas A&M University-Kingsville, Javelina House, 1010 West Santa Gertrudis Street, Kingsville, Kleberg County, TX

Higher economics

[African-American women weaving rug in home economics class at Hampton Institute, Hampton, Va.]

[Breakfast lesson in home economics class for women. Carlisle Indian School, Pa.]