Embalming building near Fredericksburg, Va.

Dr. Richard Burr, embalming surgeon, Army of the James

Embalming building near Fredericksburg, Va.

Embalming building near Fredericksburg, where some bodies were prepared for sending home

Embalming surgeon at work

[Dr. Richard Burr, an embalming surgeon in the Army of the James demonstrating the procedure on a dead soldier]

Dr. Bunnell's embalming establishment in the field. [Army of the James]

Interior view of embalming room, facing northwest. - Gorgas Hospital, Mortuary & Chapel, Gorgas Road, Balboa Heights, Former Panama Canal Zone, CZ

Embalmed - that they may keep until 1880 - or longer


The death of President Garfield - incidents at Elberon and on the route of the funeral train

The receiving-vault of the Republican politicians who defied public morality

[Howard Carter, 1873-1939, with magnifying glass, leaning over mummy of King Tutankhamen as the first incision was made in the mummy wrappings, Feb. 1926]

[Howard Carter, 1873-1939, seated beside coffin of King Tutankhamen, removing the consecration oils which covered the third or innermost coffin, 1926]

[Mummies and skulls in a room]

West Wazee Street Warehouse District, Colorado Casket Company, 1213-1221 Wazee Street, Denver, Denver County, CO

The war for the union, 1861-1865 photographic history.

[Lincoln's coffin in the City Hall, Chicago]

[The meat market]


Processes & techniques

Casualties on the field of battle during the Civil War