[The age of extravagance]

La premiere extravagance. Buying the cradle

"I want to save you from inflation and extravagance"

"Food! Clean water! What extravagances will you think of next?"

John Bull brought up for his discharge but re [i.e. pri]manded on account of extravagance & false schedule---

Jerry on the job. "Duffy, this bank's life-blood is ebbing away, drained by extravagance and waste ..."


Bad form in dress

The socialists' theory, and how it would work out

To dress extravagantly in war time is worse than bad form it is unpatriotic

Six chix. Personal vice area

Another of our exports; - the American fortune

Inherited ideas are curious things

The church is master now

A voluptuary under the horrors of digestion

Overdoing things - the tendency of the day

My dear, you can't keep this up!

It's the same man. At home he is known as a careful, thrifty soul ...

Help nonsense! If it gets too deep, you can easily pull me in

Anyway, it must have been quite a party