Freak hail storm hits Capitol. Washington, D.C., April 29. A freak rain storm, bringing down pellets of hail as large as moth balls, descended on the Capitol today. The hail pellets pierced ...

Hail! Hail! The gang's all here

The whole Dam-ocratic Party. Hail, hail, the gang's all here ...

Liberian presidential party visits Fort Belvoir. Two twenty-one gun salutes, a regimental review and a luncheon with the commanding officers were tendered His Excellency, Edwin Barclay, President of the Republic of Liberia, ...

Hail-Blount House, Texas Route 21, San Augustine, San Augustine County, TX

Hailstorm. Hail littered on lawn I

Hailstorm. Hail littered on lawn II

Hailstorm. Hail littered on lawn III

The Fallen Comrade memorial, by artist Cynthia Hailes, dedicated in 2003 outside the Uinta County Courthouse in Evanston, a city in the very southwest corner of Wyoming

"He seems to have this idea that he can do the job without us"

[Lord Hailes] Justum, et tenacem propositi virum

Hailing a steamboat

TV wrestling

TV wrestling

Song to our flag - "Hail That Great and Glorious Banner," by A.W. Burns and George W. Hewitt

[Hail America]

Engraved to represent a group of persons hailing the American eagle and the rising sun

[The Statue of Liberty: British children sent to the U.S. for the war's duration hailing the statue as their ship enters New York Harbor]

Hail Schmeling!

A hail storm