Beware of preparations that burn the hair. Nothing makes hair so soft and fine as Dobbins' vegetable hair renewer...

Refugee child getting her hair washed at Camp Kalamaria, Salonica, where ARC feeds 11,000 After a public hair cutting, occasionally ordered by ARC nurse in the interests of cleanliness, everybody ostentatiously washes ...

Her first haircut. This little Albanian girl, orphaned by the war, is posing for a hair-cut, "a la sanitaire," for the special benefit of children in America to whom she claims kinship ...

Cosmetics tested at Department of Agriculture. Washington D.C., July 10. In hair dyes and hair tonics there is sometimes found lead acetate, this is absorbed slowly into the system where it accumulates ...

Mrs. Abrams, 15 E. 118th St., N.Y. (ground floor). Makes hair-puffs and switches in her parlor. Dresses hair also. The neighbors, in dark inner bed-room, converse as she works. Husband (photo on ...

Ayer's hair vigor for the toilet. Restores gray hair to its natural vitality and color

A hair tonic explosion: o Hans, vot for you put dot tonic on dot red haired mans!

Hair dye

Hair hats

Svadebnye obriady Kirgiz. Glazhen'e volos (Sach sinadi [sic.])

New headlines (hair styles)

Ironing hair

Long hair


"And brought a flower for the girl's hair" [illustration for "Beneath the Wrinkle" by Clara Morris]

[Patent medicine label for unnamed women's hair tonic which "restores gray hair ... cures dandruff and prevents baldness]

[Woman with long flowing red hair seated before a man who is holding and looking at her hair]

"Trouble growing hair? You came to just the right place"

[Children getting their hair cut in a community non-profit hair-cutting shop, Germany]

Long haired band aids war gift fund The band of the "House of David", from the strange Michigan religious colony where hair cuts and shaves are forbidden, is seen playing in New ...