Ayer's hair vigor for the toilet. Restores gray hair to its natural vitality and color

Hair preparations

Dr. Roby's Brazilian hair curling liquid

The Grecian hair balsam

For women only -- washing your hair

Velocipede hair oil - highly perfumed by T.P. Spencer & Co., New York

Our new radium $5.00 permanent wave beauty

Madam C.J. Walker--Preparations

Billy's poll-tax; or, King's place all in an uproar!

Michaela Ruberts, Covington, Lou[i]siana

Prodige de la chimie

In the know -- hairstylist (Jacques)

"Well, what do you think?"

"You still using that greasy kid stuff?"

Krazy Kat. "I'm gunna be a blonde"

Patent medicine labels and advertisements (Library of Congress)

[Tammany Tiger looking in mirror and combing its hair in preparation for Kefauver investigation]

Beware of preparations that burn the hair. Nothing makes hair so soft and fine as Dobbins' vegetable hair renewer...

Our new radium $5.00 home permanent wave bathing beauty

Hair dyes (Not Used for Indexing)