Outdoor hairdressing parlor

Hairdress of 1939, patterned on the Edwardian style

Ladies hairdressing rooms

[Lillian Gish, design sketch by Reynaldo Luza of for hairdressing and costume for the motion picture Romola (1924)]

Safe clothes for women war workers. The up-swept hairdress, or any modification of it, is the ideal coiffure for war work. It's neat, it's becoming, and above all, it's SAFE. Bendix Aviation ...

Braids (Hairdressing)


A barber's shop at Standing Rock, Dakota Territory--an Indian chief having his hair dressed

517 Eleventh Street, Northwest (Commercial), Square 347, Washington, District of Columbia, DC

"Miss America receives a permanent wave"

Salad haircut

Oveta Culp Hobby inspecting WAACs at Fort Meade, Maryland, and Bolling Air Force Base, Washington, D.C.

[Girl with braids in white dress with bow, with hands folded, seated]

Kinko echizen


Coups Well Known--Apsaroke

Two Whistles [A]--Apsaroke

Apsaroke mother

Spotted Bull--Mandan

Horse Capture--Atsina