Samson syndrome

Hair hats

Mrs. Abrams, 15 E. 118th St., N.Y. (ground floor). Makes hair-puffs and switches in her parlor. Dresses hair also. The neighbors, in dark inner bed-room, converse as she works. Husband (photo on ...

Making hair-goods in the kitchen-living-room of H. Mowshowitz's, a contractor, 178 E. 2nd St., N.Y. The partly made puffs and switches were lying around on the floor. Apartment is small and three ...

Making hair-goods in a tiny hall-bedroom. Mrs. Chassin, 385 E. 3rd St., N.Y. top floor. The whole tenement is in a most dilapidated and disreputable state. Hair lying on the bed, trunk ...

Yetta Leider, making hair-goods for Mowshowitz (of 178 E. 2nd St., N.Y., see photo 2878) 2nd floor front in dirty and ill-kept bed-room at 81 Ridge St., N.Y. Dark kitchen and inner ...

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