Halftone photomechanical prints

Miscellaneous technical advertising matter, principally American, relating to printing and the book trade, assembled as part of a German study collection

Wie die Pflicht es befiehlt.

Photography and halftone reproduction

[Two men and a woman standing at urinals, with "woman's lib" graffiti on wall]

Panoramic photograph filing series (Library of Congress)

Artistic photographs collected by Frances Benjamin Johnston

Felix Adler

[Tycho Brahe, half-length portrait, facing slightly left]

The present state of our country

James Marshall, discoverer of gold, at Sutter's Mill

Les gens de justice. 22, Il défend l'orphelin et la veuve, à moins pourtant qu'il n'attaque la veuve et l'orphelin

Safe on the levee, breakfast scene during flood of 1897. Boat race in the overflow, scene during the flood of 1897

Provisions in sight!

Withstanding the attack of Arnold's men at the second barrier

The Battle of Ticonderoga, 1609

Ira D. Sankey

Mary and Emily Edmonson

The Embarkation of Montgomery's troops at Crown Point

The review of Arnold's detachment at Point Levi