Halftone photomechanical prints

Miscellaneous technical advertising matter, principally American, relating to printing and the book trade, assembled as part of a German study collection

Wie die Pflicht es befiehlt.

Photography and halftone reproduction

[Two men and a woman standing at urinals, with "woman's lib" graffiti on wall]

Panoramic photograph filing series (Library of Congress)

Artistic photographs collected by Frances Benjamin Johnston

Cartoons from the Swiss magazine Nebelspalter, 1948

U okolitsy

Zamok v Neĭshlote

Krestʹi︠a︡nskie dieti

V Pecherakh



[Listvennitsy ...]

Venetsii︠a︡ (etiud)

Can you imagine news flashes printed from your radio?

K statʹie "Fotografii︠a︡ v naturalʹnykh tsvietakh"

Na Chernoĭ Riechkie

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