He had hallucinations ...

The Hallucinations

Hallucinations & illusions

His attempt at suicide, - not due to remorse but J.J.

Visions: a study of false sight (pseudopia.)

Can you any longer resist the call?


[Unidentified man in a studio photograph seated before two mirrors placed at right angles to provide five images]

Adventures of Slim and Spud. "Call me a muttonhead, will ya?"


A hired girl the big farce comedy success.

"Ifsh you could shee yourself th' way I shee you, you would be 'stonished too"

Merely a mirage!

There's that man again!

[Reclining man looming over New York City subway station]

[1969]. [Young woman dancing with Wonder Wart-hog]

Auld lang syne

Stereographs depicting trick photography techniques

[Woodcuts with letterpress prints]

[Polly and her pals]. "I won't have that critter on the farm, Fat-Head!"