Hammocks (Furniture)

[Man with arm around woman on bench and chaperone sleeping in hammock]

She is swinging in the hammock at this moment

[Harvey Washington Wiley, full-length portrait, reclining on hammock and reading]

[Woodrow Wilson relaxing on a hammock while fire crackers "Mulhall," "Lamar," "T.R. Roast," and "Lobby" explode around him]

Airing hammocks (U.S.S. New York)

U.S.S. San Francisco, stowing hammocks

U.S.S. Brooklyn, hammocks on deck

["In August" - illustration for "Baby's Lullaby Book ... by Charles Stuart Pratt" showing a young woman, sitting in a hammock, holding a young child on her lap, in Summer]

Call this comfort?

Luxurious golf resorts

Airy bedrooms

"Fast asleep"

The Last Spanish camp in Cuba--Cienfuegos

A pretty girl in the West

A midsummer day's dream

The livin's still easy

[Charles Barney studio, 53 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York. Roof garden]

The winter capitol

Inaugural phantasies, 1889