Hand clapping

[People clapping hands at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom]

[Store Front Churches. A guest preacher claps his hands during his sermon at the fifth anniversary of Mother Tokio Church in Buffalo, New York]

"-- and for these fine American Klan boys a great big red-blooded hand"

[Members of American Ballet Theatre take a curtain call after a performance in Moscow of David Lichine's 1940 work "Graduation Ball" in 1960]

Hoyt's A day and a night in New York

Broadhurst's latest farce, Why Smith left home by George H. Broadhurst, author of What happened to Jones.

A very shaky show

[Store Front Churches. A woman seated with her hands clasped while others around her clap and raise their hands at Elder Beck's Church, Genesee St., Buffalo, N.Y.]

[Clown standing facing left clapping hands]

A Negro girl sings and claps her hands as D.C. National Guard trucks roll along Constitution Avenue here 8/28 before the start of the civil rights March on Washington

A small band of Negro teenagers march singing and clapping their hands for a short distance here 3/9

[Woman clapping her hands]

[Woman baseball fan clapping her hands at the Milwaukee County Municipal Stadium, home of the Milwaukee Braves, during a baseball game]




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Slight of hand by a monkey- - -or The lady's head unloaded

"Great day..."