Hand lenses

An Experiment with a burning glass

The Wall Street rumor-monger

Making the most of it

The next investigation?

"Hold on, now. Don't interfere with free enterprise"

"I wanted to make sure everything was clear"

Thermometer and magnifying glass. Setup of thermometer and magnifying glass

[Microscope and other scientific apparatus]

[Man looking at Moon picture with magnifying glass]

My! My! how it is shrinking!

The weaker sex. II

A case of learned ignorance - why can't he trust his naked eyes?

Magnified security

"Oh, what a beautiful bug!"

The "press view" at the candidate show

Lenses, Hand (Not Used for Indexing)

Making eyes for the army. Polishing lenses by hand in the optical department of an Army arsenal, where thousands of sights for guns are being turned out

Pocket lenses (Not Used for Indexing)

Optical devices