[Man in handcuffs being escorted by police during student protest at People's Park, Berkeley, California]

[Mickey Cohen, in handcuffs, waiting to be removed from Federal Court]

Return engagement of Hardeen, king of handcuffs the biggest vaudeville attraction in America.

[Left to right: Joseph Caruso, Joseph J. Ettor, and Arturo Giovannitti, half-length portraits, seated, in handcuffs]

On the stage - in person, Hardeen, brother of Houdini handcuffs and jails will not hold him : the greatest mystery show of all times. Mentalist supreme, Princess Yvonne, the mystery girl.

Alex Mumford Jr., 10 disguised as the man from uncle complete with eye patch, handcuffs, trench coat, knife, gun, briefcase, in Macy's Toy Dept.

Belt and handcuffs on insane person, "Fools Tower", Vienna

[Hollywood screenwriter Ring Lardner, Jr., being led away in handcuffs, to serve a one year jail sentence for refusing to answer questions before the House Un-American Activities Committee, Lester Cole and Herbert ...


[Article] 88a : [paragraph] 130a

Tony Pizzo

[Houdini jumps from Harvard Bridge, Boston, Massachusetts]

July 4th 1940

"We got to have controls, don't we?"

Special starring record engagement of the world's famous jail breaker, Houdini the only and original handcuff king.

Down in Dixie written by Scott Marble.

The successful, romantic drama, A grip of steel

The big scenic production, Man's enemy by Chas. A. Longdon & Eric Hudson : now in it's 4th year in England.

[Houdini jumps from Harvard Bridge, Boston, Massachusetts]

[Jack Ruby, half-length portrait, handcuffed, facing front, leaving jail for mental and physical examination]