Pennsylvania Costumes and handicrafts, the Pennsylvania Germans /

[Teacher showing students Native American handicrafts at a school in Washington, D.C.]

Pennsylvania Costumes and handicrafts, the Pennsylvania Germans.


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Display of handicrafts

Pictorial old ladies practising an almost forgotten handicraft

Blind school in Hebron. In the handicraft room, straw & raffia work

Philadelphia, Penna., Mar. 1941, girls engaged in knitting and the making of toy animals in the handicraft class of the St. Simon's Youth Center of the National Youth Administration

[Two seated women bent over handicraft work]

The old Fort Smith Saloon (in 2015 the Unicas Southwest handicraft store), a historic building featured in the 1969 Western movie "True Grit" in the town of Ridgway, which calls itself the ...

Canadian handicraft show

The best form of recreation that has been offered the American soldiers in the big Base Ports has been a new occupation that leaves them no spare time. They have been taught ...

Miss Gertrude Farrell, the "bead lady" with some of the boys of Base Hospital, 57, Paris, whom she has taught handicrafts

No. 960: One armed man learning typewriter operation at vocational training classes of Military Hospitals Commission in Montreal; No. 961: Enfeebled invalided soldiers learning basketry as a means of livelihood to supplement ...

No. 971: Interior of Military Hospital cars which transport stretcher cases from the port of arrival to whatever hospital they may be assigned to for treatment, evan as far as Vancouver; No. ...

No. 1051: Lunch at American Y.M.C.A. Paris; No. 962: Bed-ridden returned soldier learning hand weaving on a bed loom as a profitable ossupation. The Canadian Handicraft Guild cooperates to market the products

13. November 1971. PRODUCTS OF KEYSER'S HANDICRAFT. - Keyser Brothers Iron Works, 4041 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, PA

An American flying squadron in India. Chow time. While it's not the Astor it serves just as well for the food is good and second servings can be had. Most buildings in ...