Hangings (Executions)

[The execution of Emilian Pougatchiff in Moscow Jany. 10th 1775, a pretender to the throne in the reign of Catherine the 2nd]

Ye execution of Goff ye Neger of Mr. Hochins on ye commons

Execution of a Colored soldier

Execution of the conspirators. The arrival on the scaffold. July 7, 1865

The last moments of John Brown (leaving the jail on the morning of his execution)

Photographs from "Incidents of the War" showing the execution of Lincoln's assassination conspirators

Execution of the conspirators -- the drop

Troops drawn up in Hollow Square to witness an execution

James Stuart hung by the vigilance committee on Market St. wharf on the 11th of July 1851 ; Immense multitude present - 500 of the vigilance committee on duty at the execution ...

Execution of a deserter, Alexandria, Va.

Memories of the Union - execution of Nathan Hale on the site of east Broadway, corner of Market Street, New York, September 21, 1776

[Execution of Private William Johnson, 23 regt., U.S.C.T.]

Execution of Gordon the slave-trader, New York, February 21, 1862

Troops drawn up in Hallow Square to witness an execution

Milan, Italy, 1945. Corpses of Benito Mussolini and his mistress after assassination by anti-Fascists

Adjusting the noose

[The lynching of Frank McManus in Minneapolis, Minnesota]

Andersonville Prison as seen by John L. Ransom, author and publisher of "Andersonville diary, escape and list of the dead," Washington, D.C.

Old John Brown's career illustrated