[Self-portrait with a hangover]


Glad to see you've forgotten that 1918 hangover -- the time you got thoroughly shot!

Absentee posters. The labor-management committee of the Kearney and Trecker Corportation, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, uses this poster to discourage absenteeism caused by "payday hangovers"


The officers, who just spent a cozy weekend themselves, will feel tolerant

The Gumps. "Well, how's the big-time spender this morning?"

Scene in Ryan's Arcade on the morning of new year's day

"Shoulda shut 'em down completely"

"Everybody up -- rise and shine!"

Morning in America

Morning-after headache

"Stop that racket -- I've got a party-splitting headache"

Germany's "Katzenjammer"

The morning after

After the carnival

Morning after such a headache


Champ movie fan

Schoolfield Farm House, Hillman Road, Pocomoke City, Worcester County, MD

Alcoholic beverages