[Two harness racing horses pulling their sulkies on race course]

[Harness racing scene]

[Three scenes showing harness racing, four horses in a stable with a dog, and riding accoutrements]

[Harness racing scene on vertical sheet with empty spaces]

[Vignettes of harness racing, jockeys and portraits of the horses George Kinney, Tremont, Maude S., and Jay Eye See]

[Harness racing at the track]

[Stock poster for harness racing]

Harness racing

Finish Gold Cup race, 2nd heat, August 1904

A "crack trotter" in the harness of the period

[Advertisement for Vacuum Leather Oil depicting harness racer with three horses pulling cart]

"A crack trotter" in the harness of the period

Ripton: July 19the 1842, beat Confidence, in a match for $500 a side, 2 mile heats in harness over Centreville course, L.I. winning in 2 straight heats, time 5:10 - 5:14 1/2

[Three horses with jockeys running a harness race]

[Men watching harness racers near the finish line]

[Three harness racers]

[Harness race between two riders]

[Harness race between three riders]

[Close finish at a harness race]

[Harness race between two riders with portraits of the two horses Maud S. and St. Julien at lower right and left corners]