[Two harness racing horses pulling their sulkies on race course]

[Harness racing at the track]

[Stock poster for harness racing]

Harness racing

Finish Gold Cup race, 2nd heat, August 1904

A "crack trotter" in the harness of the period

"A crack trotter" in the harness of the period

Ripton: July 19the 1842, beat Confidence, in a match for $500 a side, 2 mile heats in harness over Centreville course, L.I. winning in 2 straight heats, time 5:10 - 5:14 1/2

Stanley Dancer

Stanley Dancer

Milkman's horse

Pacing for a grand purse

Pacing a fast heat

Pacing in the latest style

Sweetser, Sleepy George and Lucy, pacing for a purse of $1,000 at Hartford Conn., Aug. 22, 1878

The trotting mare "American Girl" driven by M. Roden

View of Speedway, New York, N.Y., U. S. A.

Speeding on Harlem River, N.Y., Grant's Tomb in distance

The Horse in motion. "Abe Edgington," owned by Leland Stanford; driven by C. Marvin, trotting at a 2:24 gait over the Palo Alto track, 15th June 1878

Lady Sutton. Centreville trotting course, L.I.