Remeslennye instrumenty. Shornika (asbabi seradzha)

Photo taken at Basle, Switzerland on Dec. 7 upon arrival first American prisoners released from Ratstatt prison camp in trainload lot. Girl in Alsatian costume has Sergt. Chas. A. Groghegan, 511 W. ...

One Day's Work a Week. That is all that many men in Montenegro can find. These two old men, each of them having passed the four-score mark, amply illustrate that condition. They ...

AMERICAN RED CROSS in North Russia. A typical street vehicle in Archangel. The Red Cross officers used this method of transportation in practically all their work about town. It is photographed here ...

Reference prints, 1919-1920, numbers 2133-2377. Stream flowing through grasses toward wooded area; Horses harnessed to cart

A "crack trotter" in the harness of the period

Artillery harness

Artillery harness

[Figure study of a horse and parts of a harness]

[Figure study of a horse in a harness]

[A horse harnessed to a carriage]

[Two harness racing horses pulling their sulkies on race course]

[Advertisement for Vacuum Leather Oil depicting harness racer with three horses pulling cart]

[Horse, right profile, wearing harness]

"A crack trotter" in the harness of the period

Ripton: July 19the 1842, beat Confidence, in a match for $500 a side, 2 mile heats in harness over Centreville course, L.I. winning in 2 straight heats, time 5:10 - 5:14 1/2

Moose harnessed for work beside tepee [i.e. tipi]

The standard harness of America

[Three horses with jockeys running a harness race]

[Harness racing scene]