Harpoon hits humpback whale. The humpback whale has just been hit by the harpoon, and the bomb on the harpoon head has exploded. The gunner who fired the shot is shown in ...

Killer boat used in whaling. The "killer boat" shown here is employed for the actual harpooning of whales. The harpoon gun may be seen on the prow. At left is the narrow ...




[Eskimos in northern Canada: hunter holding harpoon and line at crack in ice cover, waiting for seal or narwal to come up]

[Allegorical cartouche showing a Native man with harpoon and a European man with two Natives in a tropical setting]

[Unidentified whaler with harpoon in front of painted backdrop showing whaling at sailboat in frozen sea]

Colonel Theodore Roosevelt and Russell J. Coles on a devil fish harpooning expedition on the coast of Florida. March 16, 1917

[Proof for bank note vignette of men harpooning whale]

Manila lines bring whale to surface. Two six-inch manila lines bring their mammal cargo to the surface after the whale has been harpooned. The gunner at bottom of photo is maneuvering his ...

Bomb explodes on humpback. Explosion of bomb on head of harpoon marks the end of the trail for another humpbacker. The manila line may be seen, but the force of the explosion ...

Humpback whale floats on surface. The head, tongue and fore part of the back of the harpooned whale are shown rising above the water. Three rows of knoblike protuberates can be seen ...


"There they blow"

"Don't shoot! I'll let go!"

He'll never catch it