[Adolf Hitler being greeted by a young woman at the Erntedanktag (Harvest Festival) Bückeberg, Germany]

[Crowds of people watching military training maneuvers staged during Erntedankfest (Harvest Festival, Bückeberg, Germany)]

[Hitler giving a speech at the Erntedankfest (Harvest Festival) while Joseph Goebbels, agricultural minister Richard Walther Darré and other Nazi officials look on]

Harvest festival on the mall, Central Park

Harvest festivals

Harvest festival

[Enormous crowd of people and masses of flags, many with swastikas, gathered on a field to celebrate the Erntedanktag (Harvest Festival), Bückeberg, Germany]

[German snapshots showing German harvest festivals, regional Nazi party events, and landscapes including Traustein, Bad Reichenhall, Munich, Feldherrnhalle, Berlin]

1st Annual Marijuana Harvest Festival, Sept. 25

[Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests at the Temple of Heaven, Beijing, China]

Tori no machi no kaimono

Das allegrösste Bilder ABC. E

Erntedanktag, 3. Oktober 1937 Bauern- und Landarbeiter Delegierte aus dem Reich als Gaste der Reichsregierung.

Reichs-Parteitag, Ernte-Dankfest, 9 November 1935

Nazi activities, ca. 1936-1943

[Hitler greeting farmers who are wearing traditional costume carrying baskets of apples]

[Military training maneuvers, involving tanks, staged during the Erntedankfest celebration, Bückeberg, Germany]

[German women wearing traditional regional dress during the 1935 Erntedankfest (harvest thanksgiving festival)]

[Entertainers wearing traditional regional dress walking between the crowd of spectators up a long hill following ceremony at the 1935 Erntedankfest (harvest thanksgiving festival)]

[A young woman wearing traditional regional dress talking to Adolf Hitler during ceremony at the 1935 Erntedankfest (harvest thanksgiving festival)]