Panama hat industry, Ecuador. Workmen shaping hats that still have untrimmed edges, with drying patio in background

Panama hat industry, Ecuador Workmen inspect drying hats, trimming loose ends. In foreground, straw used for making of braid is shown hanging from lines.

Panama hat industry, Ecuador. Rows of shaped hats drying in sun at firm of Manuel Heredia Crespo

Hat industry

O.N. Thacher, Hat, Cap & Fur Ware-House Wholesale & retail /

Der Hutmacher

Pressing a hat -- Dunlap factory

Boy carrying hats. Bleeker Street, N.Y. Location: New York, New York (State)

[Interior of the Imperial Fez Factory]

Man carrying load of caps made at home to factory, 9-11 University Place, --- Feldstein's. Location: New York, New York (State)

Florence Valentino, 12 yrs. old, and sister Jennie, working on crochet hats in dirty kitchen tenement, 3126 Jerome Ave. (Bronx). They make heavy hats, muffs, scarfs, slippers, etc. Jennie, 15 yrs. old, ...

Princess Grace of Monaco, who has been named "Best Hatted Woman in the World" by the Millinery Institute of America, shown as a teen-age hat model for the United States millinery industry


[Hat molding and shaping machinery]

Clothing industry

National costumes of Macedonia. Because styles never change in old Macedonia all the clothing worn by the native peasantry is built to last "half a century more", a real advertisement in these ...

Steel production. Steel workers inside a huge ladle. Many men back the steel industry's production drive. Aided by a convenient brick chute, hard hats are shown lining a steel ladle. Republic, Youngstown

Strike tragedy

[Man holding hat from limo to man in rain with sign saying "Help keep quotas on Japanese cars"]

Honor to whom honor is due, Jas G. Johnson & Co., importers, jobbers and manufacturers of millinery, felt & fancy hats