Hate crimes

Gay man butchered on Barrow Street You can't protect yourself if you don't know what's happening. The police and the news think you don't need to know about these crimes. A.V.P. thinks ...

[Judge Thomas A. Demakos, attorney Ronald Rubinstein, victim and witness Cedric Sandiford, and District Attorney Charles J. Hynes at Howard Beach manslaughter and assault trial]

[Defendants Jon Lester, Scott Kern, Judge Thomas A. Demakos, attorney Stephen G. Murphy, victim and witness Timothy Grimes, and District Attorney Charles J. Hynes at Howard Beach manslaughter and assault trial]

Dykes to watch out for. Through a glass, hardly

[Defendants Scott Kern, Jon Lester, Jason Ladone, and Michael Pirone face African American man, possibly lawyer C. Vernon Mason or Alton Maddox, as Judge Thomas A. Demakos and medical examiner Dr. Gwen ...

Race Olympics

"And another thing -- what's the relationship between Mickey and Minnie?"

[Defendant Jon Lester stands before Judge Thomas A. Demakos as a woman, probably Lester's mother Jean Lester Holmes, cries behind him at Howard Beach manslaughter and assault trial]

[Cedric Sandiford on witness stand gesturing toward defendants during the Howard Beach trial, as he is questioned by chief prosecutor Charles J. Hynes; Judge Thomas A. Demakos, New York State Supreme Court ...

[Defendants from Howard Beach arraigned before Judge Alfred D. Lerner in Kew Gardens, Queens]

Photograph of a man lynched in Florida sometime during the latter part of February or the first of March The snapshot was taken by a travelling salesman who had the film developed ...

[Large crowd looking at the burned body of Jesse Washington, 18 year-old African American, lynched in Waco, Texas, May 15, 1916]

Open housing

"You know what? A lot of people down here are just plain prejudiced against us"

[Courtroom drawings of the Brewer and King trials related to the death of James Byrd, Jr.]


Bias crimes (Not Used for Indexing)

Mathew Shepherd [i.e. Matthew Shepard] murder

Cross burning



Photocrime -- love, hate or money