Hat Rock in Hat Rock State Park, Oregon

"Beautiful view." The Bar (-T) Tee Ranch located on Hat Creek, about 13 miles from Hot Springs, Dak.

Posting ceiling prices. Hats are among the articles on the cost-of-living list for which the General Maximum Price Regulation permits the display of ceiling prices by price lines. Here, there are two ...

Hats off! Attention men! The national straw hat wearer's association appears on the scene in Washington, D.C. The rules say: wear your straw hat when it is hot. Don't bother about the ...

Hats Galore & More, by Goodin Brothers. The owner, Bob, said that the painting had been there 23 years. He called them classic hats. Luciano Pavarotti bought a $150 hat from him; ...

Florence Valentino, 12 yrs. old, and sister Jennie, working on crochet hats in dirty kitchen tenement, 3126 Jerome Ave. (Bronx). They make heavy hats, muffs, scarfs, slippers, etc. Jennie, 15 yrs. old, ...

Nice Straw Hats For Sale; Three Cents. All day long this little Albanian boy, with the big brown eyes walks about the town of Tirana selling straw hats. Capital to start him ...

49. Taken from high-line; "McKinley hat" remains on "B" furnace; no longer used, "McKinley hat was open receptacle with bell below. Hat carried charge to furnace top, dumping it to bell; bell ...

Panama hat industry, Ecuador Workmen inspect drying hats, trimming loose ends. In foreground, straw used for making of braid is shown hanging from lines.

Panama hat industry, Ecuador. Rows of shaped hats drying in sun at firm of Manuel Heredia Crespo

Panama hat industry, Ecuador. Workmen shaping hats that still have untrimmed edges, with drying patio in background

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