Guide to identifying people by their headgear

Headbands (Headgear)


Rhodesia - Kafue(?). Mashukulumbwe headgear

[Marc Andrew Mitscher, 1887-1947, half-length portrait, in LCDR uniform, wearing aviator headgear]

[Coach Glenn "Pop" Warner, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front, wearing football headgear]

Tanganyika. En route to Longido. Tanganyika girl with beaded headgear

Scene inside Jaffa Gate showing city men with Bedouin headgear

[Miss Bradley cheerfully paid ninety cents for the headgear]

American aid for Poland. The special train which carried A.R.C. Mission to Poland. At the first frontier town after passing through Austria, Americans were welcomed by Polish troops wearing decorative headgear

The new "pork pie" hat. Two Montenegrin peasant girls who called at the American Red Cross hospital at Nicsic where they visited relatives under American treatment for Typhus. The style of headgear ...

Millinery note from Roumania. A pretty Roumanian maiden smiles while being photographed in her "market basket" millinery. This is the most popular style of headgear in the country and serves not only ...

No. 601: English soldiers playing at Germans. They are wearing headgear captured from the enemy. One under the point of a gun is insisting that the other eat a german sausage. No. ...

Turkish graveyard art. This picture was taken in the graveyard back of the Mohammedan mosque in Skoplje, Serbia. Note the peculiar tombstones. The one in the center is mounted with a sculptures ...

Stamping out buckles for aviators headgear

Some jobs do not require headgear. Here Eunice Kimball, Ann Queenan and Magaret Mackinnen are doing assembly work on precision units. Note their trim and up-to-date hair-dos--there's no place for flowing manes ...

Detroit, Michigan. Hat check girl with officers' headgear and formal hats on New Year's Eve

School's out. Annapolis, MD. June 3. School's out for the graduating class at the Naval Academy at Annapolis, after receiving their diplomas the midshipmen are shown getting rid of their midshipmens caps ...

"Remove that headgear if you want to be heard"

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