Sitting rulers

1492. Souvenir of the Columbian Committee of one hundred, 1892, who welcomed royalty and their representatives to the Columbian celebration

[Nikita Khrushchev and Mao Zedong with hammer and sickle]

[North Vietnamese President Ho Chi Minh (left) shaking hands with Chinese Chairman Mao Zedong]

Champion of the world James J. Corbett Under the management of Wm. A. Brady.

Science, or sport? - A modern spectacle after an old model

Coney Island and the crowned heads

Winston Churchill--Dwight Eisenhower at Raleigh Tavern--Williamsburg, Va.

En Chine - le gâteau des rois et ... des empereurs

[Stanisław Mikołajczyk, Premier of Poland, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing slightly left]

Photographs from "Meet the press" radio and television programs

Autographed photographs from "Meet the press" radio and television programs

Epouventail de la nation

Business business

L'altro Caruso /

Adolf Hitler : Bilder aus dem Leben des Führers /

Roll Call portion of CQ Roll Call Photograph Collection (Library of Congress)

Seijō kakkoku shaga teiō kagami

Teheran Conference, Nov. 28 - Dec. 1, 1943. Pictured on the south portico of the Russian Embassy are: Joseph Stalin, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Harry L. Hopkins, Viacheslov M. Molotov, W. ...

For equal rights to all nations. The three men who saved the world