Health care personnel

Singapore. Health and housing Singapore has a comprehensive health service and it is one of the healthiest places in the Far East. The rapidly growing population is housed to an increasing extent ...

[The medical personnel of the Fire Brigade]

[Group portrait of Japanese medical personnel and others dressed in Western and traditional style clothing seated near a building over which hang small flags]

Health services, Ethiopia. And sometimes they have to walk to care for the sick

[Nurse holding an infant as a doctor prepares to immunize the child against influenza]

A very sick patient - he pays well, but the senaotrial quacks can't save him

[Morrocan woman administering eye drops to a young boy while a male health worker looks on]

[Hospital Steward John H. Wiggins of Co. C, 81st New York Infantry Regiment, and woman identified as nurse and vivandière Victoria Wiggins]

The Jr. Red Cross worker calls on a mother of one of the babies who are brought to the clinic in Athens

The Mission of the Franciscan Sisters of Senegal operates a dispensary in the village of Sangue some 80 kilometres from Dakar. A medical sister here consults with a nursing mother who has ...

End of a busy day

Tank ambulance at Saipan

The man without a gun

[Unidentified soldier in Union hospital steward uniform]

4th Regiment Hospital Corps, Camp Clark, Nevada

[Unidentified soldier in American Expeditionary Forces uniform with red cross badges and unidentified woman]

[Unidentified soldiers of Army medical company in uniform with American flag and red cross banner]

[Surgeon Francis M. Eveleth of 7th Maine Infantry Regiment and 1st Maine Veteran Infantry Regiment in assistant surgeon uniform with Ames medical sword]

[Captain George T. Crabtree of Co. C, 4th Maine Infantry Regiment and Veteran Reserve Corps in uniform]