Penasco, New Mexico. The Taos County cooperative health association administers health insurance to low-income groups which includes fifteen days of hospitalization, operating room, surgeon's fees, dental care, clinics and the fitting of ...

Mexico sin sistema p├║blico de seguridad social o seguro de salud, EE. UU. no posibilidades de asistencia social

[Man writing a letter to President Bush about health insurance]

Health insurance

Buffalo, New York. Mabel Goodwin, forty-five, arranges for transportation and health insurance at the Bell Aircraft plant, and is told to report for work the next morning. About 200 people a day ...

National Council of Senior Citizens... [picketing, health insurance plan]

Health coverage

"I have a great idea for a Clinton legacy -- how about a national health careplan?"

"Open wide"

"Now would you also care to sign up for optional social security, optional police and fire departments, optional armed forces "

"Normal reaction"

"Oh yeah? Well, what if we put in something about those magazines in your waiting rooms?"

When doctors disagree

The under-the-bedside manner

[Patient being crushed to death by paperwork]

"Wait for your leaders, dammit"

"There, now, you'll be sound as a dollar -- though not quite as important, of course"

"Dick, you think we can keep holding? Dick?"

"I packed my kit in a hurry, but I have everything I'll need"

"Of course I want to help the aged. Here"