A first class Roumanian funeral. Three teams of horses draped in somber black robes with dark cockades haul the hearse when a Roumanian undertaker wins a "first class" funeral. The mourners follow ...

Hearse parked in front of the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

A 1936 Auburn 852 Hearse is one of about 125 classic automobiles displayed at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum in Auburn, Indiana

[President Abraham Lincoln's hearse, Springfield]

[Horse-drawn hearses in front of funeral parlor, New York City(?)]

[Coffin of Chief Justice Edward Douglass White being loaded on hearse]

The catafalque, or hearse, as seen in the funeral procession of President Lincoln

Arch at Twelfth St., Chicago, President Abraham Lincoln's hearse and young ladies

Emergency police -- Louisville (ambulance)

Funeral of Col. Vosburgh. The Hearse approaching the R.R. Depot

The Gotham addressers, or A peep at the hearse

[Richard Wagner, 1813-1883; scene at funeral; crowd around hearse]

[Military personnel escorting a hearse, at the Arlington National Cemetery burial of Willard G. Palm, a RB-47 reconnaissance airplane pilot who was shot down by the Russians]

[Thomas DeWitt Talmadge, hearse parked in front of church during funeral services]

[Crowd and horse-drawn hearses at mass burial in cemetery, North Collingwood, Ohio]

[A policeman and two other men, possibly undertakers, with the covered casket of Legs Diamond on a stretcher next to a hearse]

American Hit Undertakers Hard. An undertaker of Podgoritza, Montenegro, on the way to the home of the corpse. There are no hearses so he had to carry the coffin to the house ...

An American military funeral in Belast, Ireland. On Oct. 11, a public funeral was held in Belfast for twelve American soldiers, victims of the Otranto disaster, and men who died from pneumonia ...

AMERICAN RED CROSS in North Russia. The Archangel Monastery-Farchangelsky Monastwe. The first Red Cross boat to reach Archangel landed directly in front of this building. The monastery is located in an eight ...

A funeral in Brittany. The funeral procession passing down the main street of Consarneau, the quaint fishing village of Brittany, France. The horse drawing the hearse is led by the hand and ...