The heaven that Sir Oliver and Sir Arthur report is the heaven imagined by fat-headed old women who love the dark and two dollars

"Good heavens -- what if we should win!"

Everyone that talks about Heaven ain't goin' there

"Hell or Heaven." Washington D.C. Congressman Louis Ludlow of Indiana, for many years Washington correspondent for the Columbus, O. Dispatch and other newspapers, is the author of "Hell or Heaven", a treatise ...

[Angels playing music in heaven, harpies playing music in Hell]

The roads to Heaven and Hell

Heaven and hell

The murderer's straight route to heaven - bringing religion into disrepute

Steeple of the First Presbyterian Church in Port Gibson, Mississippi. Rather than the traditional cross, a golden finger pointed toward heaven tops this steeple. Placed upon the steeple in 1903, this iconic ...

To the seventh heaven

[Saint kneeling before book resting on eagle looking up at heaven where three male saints and five putti rest on clouds]

Our heaven born banner

O my great massa in heaven, pity me and bless my children!

Gloria De Haven, Ricardo Montalban, Paul Hartman in the new musical comedy Seventh Heaven with Robert Clary, Fifi D'Orsay

Little Rastus's idea of Grandpa in Heaven

Little Ah Wung's idea of Grandpa in Heaven

Little Hiawatha's idea of Grandpa in Heaven

All that heaven allows

From hell to heaven

Heaven can wait