Kozhevennoe proizvodstvo (Chaarmgiari). Kopchenie kozh (dud daden)

Syr-dar'inskaia oblast'. G. Dizag [sic] i ego bazarnyia tipy. Prodavets shkur (pust furush)

Kozhevennoe proizvodstvo (Chaarmgiari). Bazar nevydielannykh shkur v g. Samarkandie (bazari kham)

Kozhevennoe proizvodstvo (Chaarmgiari). Kvashenie kozh (shur daden)

23. LOWER END OF HIDE CHUTE, BASEMENT LEVEL; NOTE SORTING TABLE AND HANDCART FOR MOVING HIDES - Rath Packing Company, Beef Killing Building, Sycamore Street between Elm & Eighteenth Streets, Waterloo, Black ...

"Hide Hunters," a 1956 mural by Harold Dow Bugbee that depicts the slaughter of western bison for their hides at the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum on the campus of West Texas A&M University ...

Harlan witness tells of bribe to hide-out. Washington, D.C., April 28. Hugh Taylor, former Harlan County, Ky. Deputy Sheriff, told the La Follette Civil Liberties Committee today that High Sheriff T.R. Middleton ...

Minneapolis Warehouse District, Dittman Building, 20 North First Street, Minneapolis, Hennepin County, MN

Hide scraping--Apsaroke

Slaughtered for the hide

Sketches in the far West--curing hides and bones

[Drying walrus hide, Diomede, Alaska]

Trapper with hides and dogs in canoe

Sorting raw hides and cutting off hoofs and ears

Eskimo woman cleaning hair off hide

Steamer loading hides, New Orleans, La.

Taning a hide

Hide and seek

Hide & seek

Mambu and Hides converse by signs. "Mambu smiled and pointed to the sky"