After Five Years in Hiding. Part of the sunshine that is brightening the faces of these homeless Polish children comes from America in the form of food and clothing. These children arrived ...

In hiding

[Two men hiding beneath a monk's robes]

"Why shouldn't we come out of hiding, Herr General? I hear there's a great demand for all types of anti-communists"

[Boys hiding behind wall]

[Boy hiding from policeman]

[Jūichidanme - act eleven of the Chūshingura - discover Kira's hiding place]

[Bernie Burns]. After the rascal hiding behind the chair had kissed her in the dark, who should unwittingly have entered as the light came on again, but Mr. Bernie Burns - uh-huh


Adolf Hitler, 1889-1945 - cartoon caricatures from French publications, 1935-1939 - "Le nouveau pelerin de la paix", holding up olive branch while hiding corpse of Poland

The hiding place of the sniper, whose bullet killed President Kennedy, and the window from which he shot ... is located on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository Bldg.

[Sentimental Christmas scenes of children and trees: small girl hiding behind door; woman is arranging toys around small tree on table]

[Man kissing hand of maid; 2 other men are laughing and hiding]

[N.Y.C. Garbage collector's strike, 1911: horse-drawn cart being stoned; driver is hiding inside]

Now where do you suppose he's hiding?

[Alice Kandell hiding behind a Sikkimese soldier to take a photograph of a Chinese soldier along the Nathu La pass, Sikkim]

[Hog prices; Benson hiding eyes]

[Man hiding his face with hat in passport office]

The levee at Memphis, Tenn.-Hauling sugar and cotton from their hiding-places for shipment north

[Five Yugoslav Partisan soldiers hiding on mountain]