Gilmore & Leonard in their Irish nonsensicality, Hogan's alley by W.H. Macart.

Hogan, The Hogan Indian Arts and Crafts, Route 160, Mancos, Colorado

[Ben Hogan teeing-off on the Concord Hotel golf course in Lake Kiamesha, N.Y.]

[Lawrence Joseph Hogan, representative from Maryland, head-and-shoulders studio portrait, facing front]

[Ben Hogan putting during golf tournament, spectators in background]

[Ben Hogan, head-and-shoulders portrait, holding golf ball]

[Ben Hogan seated on back of car in homecoming parade on Broadway]

[Ben Hogan blasting out of sandtrap on Baltusrol Course in Springfield, N.J.]

Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan

Hubbell Trading Post, Guest Hogan, Ganado, Apache County, AZ

[Close-up view of Ben Hogan demonstrating a grip on a golf club]

[Ben Hogan, three-quarter length portrait, standing, facing front, holding a golf club]

Ben Hogan. Phila Inquirer tournament

Animals in the hogan

[Hogan, Oakland Team, baseball card portrait]

[William Hogan, St. Louis Browns, baseball card portrait]

[W. Hogan, Vernon Team, baseball card portrait]

Kate Hogan Godfrey who became Kate G. Steelman Whose children were Andrew G. Steelman, Elizabeth Zane Steelman, Hannah Godfrey Steelman, Alice S. Withrow, Kate Godfrey Steelman, Ethel S. Gillan, Jeremiah Steelman.

[Kate Hogan Godfrey Steelman in dress with flowers on her head]