[Group of African Americans and whites holding hands in the street at the March on Washington]

[Participants holding hands in front of the Lincoln Memorial during the March on Washington, August 28, 1963]

The Rose Garden

[Male couples]

Sambatra chez les Antambahoaka Trano fitahirizana ny vako-pirenena--Musee d'art et d'archeologie--Université de Madagascar /

Thank you!

Quoi! pas même la Main?

No better solution

Chas. E. Blaney's big extravaganza success, A female drummer

Wm. H. Crane. A Virginia courtship

[Sketch team]

"Compiegne 1810"

[Couple embracing with woman gazing up at man in forest setting]

The throne of grace

[Seance with three women holding hands on table and one of them holding up bell]

For women only -- two-handed mitten (for holding hands); weather station (home use)

Maitre de holding hands like Kennedy

[Two Japanese women, full-length studio portrait with backdrop, facing slightly right, standing with large parasol and holding hands]

[Two Japanese women, full-length studio portrait with backdrop, standing, facing each other, holding hands]

[Unidentified soldier in Union uniform and U.S. belt buckle with pistol holding hand-drawn map of Virginia]