Home sweet homicide

Estafa, ravishment, estafa, homicide

[Unidentified male African American homicide victim, Mineola, N.Y.]

Homicide, brigandage, brigandage

Freed in poison mystery Frederick Gross, freed after the ordeal of being held in connection with the poison deaths of his wife and four children, is shown as he was leaving Homicide ...

Homicide bureau

Beanball story: Ron Hunt, NY Mets baseball player

Judge Robert C. Cannon, players -- representative, Major League baseball clubs

Homicide of P. Barton Key by Hon. Daniel E. Sickles, at Washington, on Sunday, Feb. 27, 1859

[Vincent Coll leaving homicide court surrounded by police officers]

This is a copy of the Dallas Police Department Homicide Report on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy 11/22. Lee Harvey Oswald has been charged with the murder


[The Charleston convention]


[Courtroom drawings of United States v. Allen Blackthorne trial]

The scene of Ambassador Von Ketteler's murder, Peking, China

Visit of the Ku-Klux

[Robert Hall, postmortem photograph]

Fearful balloon adventure-- saved by a Grimsby fishing smack A woman murdered by her son and daughter.

[Floyd Simpson, alledged murderer of Baltimore civil rights advocate William Moore, half-length portrait, flanked by his attorneys (l) William Beck and (r) Roy McCord]