The lightning speed of honesty [Uncle Sam seated on snail "45th Congress" carrying Army and Navy payroll and money, with Resumption Act (of honesty) in his pocket]

Honesty, Vote for Mayor Low and Keep the Grafters Out

"And so, remember the lesson: honesty is the best policy if nothing else works"

The Usurping Professer in the chair. This plate is dedicated to the honble membrs of the Society for the Improvements of Arts &c. by their humble servt. a lover of honesty

Honesty; the smallest theft, the whitest lie, can ultimately undermine personal integrity.

[Uncle Sam, reading bumps of "selfishness," "ignorance," "honesty," and other words on head of Democratic Party]

For Party honesty

[Design drawing for stained glass window with Masonic crest: compass=circumscript/intellectual/cosmic/male, square rule=honesty/sensual/base/female, "G"=God/Hebrew 'yod'/Kabbalah male]


Only a few of 'em left. "Kola", a typical Albanian personal servant. Having an innate sense of honesty and fidelity, this type of Albanian makes the most trustworthy worker in the world. ...

The "Dollar Exchange" of the American Red Cross at the soldiers homeward bound can exchange their English, French, Italian, or Russian money for American money. The Red Cross took up this work ...

Mr. H. Ormand, who is a leading jeweler in San Leandro, California, came to the United States from the Azores Islands twenty-three years ago when he was seventeen years old. For three ...

Firehouse Station No. 4. Washington, D.C. Paul Honesty, former college grid star, backs into the station house after a run. New men who have been in service a year or more are ...

Firehouse station number four. Washington, D.C. Paul Honesty, a young fireman who was a former grid star at Howard University

For peace and honesty : McGovern for President

"Old Honesty"

Order [of] United American Mechanics, honesty, industry & sobriety

Our guide, A.O.U.W. Eternal Truth, Justice, Honesty and Mutual Aid


Let the political army have new drums also!