Shah salutes honor guard

A military honor guard marches in front of the ambulance bearing the casket of the late President John F. Kennedy as it was returned to the White House early 11/23

[Six honor guards firing salute at the burial of Brigadier General William Mitchell, Milwaukee, Wisconsin]

Honor Guard

Body of "Monk" Eastman passing through guard of honor

The "guard of honor" before tappa cloth mat - hand-woven from tree bark, Fiji Islands

The Aguinaldo guard

British and American Guard

Soldier of the Royal Guard. Ancient dress not yet entirely obsolete - Coat & helmet are lined with a mail of hard leather - & studded with iron buttons

[A woman on horseback, possibly the queen, followed by an escort of royal guards]

Holiday Guide

[Göring greeting the Yugoslav Minister President at Carinhall]

Journée memorable du 6 Octobre 1789

U.S. Constitution moved to National Archives

Lt. Edgar Allen Poe, who has the distinguished honor of being the first Marine Corps officer to serve aboard the U.S.S. Mayflower, the presidential yacht. He will take charge of the detachment ...

Merchant marine seaman given military funeral. Members of the Army and Coast Guard honor guards stand in silence as Herman Sweitzer, merchant marinehere, is buried at Mount Olivet Cemetery at Baltimore. This ...

Former President of San Domingo inspects Marine Guard on arrival in Capital. Washington, D.C., July 6. General Rafael L. Trujillo, former President of the Dominican Republic, inspects the Marine Honor Guard shortly ...

Honor guards

[Military funerals at Arlington National Cemetery--honor guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier]

[Secretary of State Edward R. Stettinius, Jr., standing at rostrum, opening the San Francisco Conference, with Mayor Roger Lapham and Governor Earl Warren seated to his right, and Alger Hiss seated to ...