Neighb / Hopscotch Bridge / H st.

Manpower, junior size. This gingham-clad member of the nation's junior army, in Roanoke, Virginia, would rather rummage through a musty attic for scrap rubber and metal than play hopscotch-- when her country ...

Victory Gardens--for family and country. Hopscotch has been supplanted by a new and serious game for these Girl Scouts--it's called Plant the Victory Garden. Like thousands of other school-age youngsters, Pat Nelson, ...

New York, New York. Chinese-American girl playing hopscotch with American friends outside her home in Flatbush


Children are children the wide world round--little folks playing Hop Scotch in Cashmere, India

For women only -- children and rug

Susan Beer (reverse integration - white girl in Negro grammar school, San Francisco)

Lerke family (N.J. family adopts racially mixed children)

[Children playing on a school playground surrounded by drugs]