Horns (Anatomy)

One of the finest collections of horns in the world, Buck Horn resturant, San Antonio, Texas

Interior of Buck Horn restaurant, showing some fine specimens of horns and a deer picture made up of snake rattles, San Antonio, Texas

A remarkable collection of horns - Buck Horn Restaurant, San Antonio, Texas

Col. Roosevelt & Kermit Roosevelt with eland horns


Bull Chief--Apsaroke

Two Moons--Cheyenne

Cunningham[e], Kermit, Col. Roosevelt, Heller & Heatl[e]y at Buffalo Corner

[Pages 37 - 40 of an album of figure studies]

Animal horns (Not Used for Indexing)

Body parts



Mery Horn, a hunchback. The doctor told her it was a severe case and was being aggravated by the heavy load of papers she carried and so she must stop. She replied ...

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