[Studio portraits of Japanese tattooed "bettoes" (horse grooms), a mother carrying child on her back, and two young sisters]

[Studio portraits of Japanese tattooed "bettoes" (horse grooms), and men and women getting their hair done]

Horse & Groom, Lea Bridge, Essex

Horse grooms

[Studio portraits of a Japanese "betto" (groom), a high official in court attire, a courtesan and a pilgrim or priest, wearing white robes and carrying a bell]

[Studio portrait of models wearing traditional clothing from the province of Hodavindiguar (H├╝davendigar), Ottoman Empire]


[After the hunt]

[Two men with horses outside a building]

[Title page, March 1871, featuring men grooming horse and cleaning stable]

Grooming the horse

Fort Riley, Kansas. Grooming a horse during a field problem of the cavalry

Col. Wm. Mitchell and groom at horse show, 5/20/25

Boy Scouts. Grooming their horses.

Boy Scouts. Grooming their horses. Same shot as LC-B2-2026-14

In Denver, Colorado, calf-roper Ace Sloan grooms his horse outside the areana at the National Western Stock Show, which includes and one of the largest indoor rodeos and livestock shows in the ...

Mauldin's illustrated encyclopedia (No. 7) "A campaign manager is a groom who knows how to put a forty-dollar saddle on a twenty-dollar horse"

Grooms (Horsemanship) (Not Used for Indexing)

Count Screwloose. "Ah! 'Groom wanted to take care of a horse.'"

Washington society youngster shoes pony for children's horse show. Young Howland Russell, grandson of Mrs Borden Harriman, refuses to intrust to a groom the important business of preparing his pony "Tottles" for ...