Red Cross trolley to transport wounded from hospital ships to Boston hospitals. First electric trolley equipped in this country for the transportation of wounded from hospital ships to hospitals. This car was ...

No. 645: Wounded soldiers sunning themselves on board the hospital ship Brittannica, which was later sunk without warning. No. 644: Distributing candy on board a hospital ship at Salonika

U.S.S. hospital ship Solace

U.S.S. Solace, pilot house

U.S.S. Solace, steering gear

U.S.S. Solace, hospital ward

U.S.S. Solace

U.S.S. Solace apothecaries and nurses

[U.S.S. Solace, executive officer, 1898]

U.S.S. Solace

U.S.S. Solace, the cabin

U.S.S. Solace, main saloon

U.S.S. Solace, ward room mess

[U.S.S. Solace, the captain]

U.S.S. Solace

U.S.S. Solace

Aft portion of promenade deck, looking to port. Note mooring bits, lines, and loudspeaker for ship's public address system. Hospital ship USNS Comfort is moored in background. - Nuclear Ship Savannah, Various ...

Anchor windlasses, chains, and tops of hawsers, looking aft from near starboard bow. Note hospital ship USNS Comfort in background. - Nuclear Ship Savannah, Various Ports operated by the U.S. Maritime Administration, ...

Radar mast on top of pilot house, looking toward port side. Antennas (top to bottom) are 10-cm radar, 3-cm radar, and radio direction finder loop. Note whistle (horn) at center and covered ...

No. 545: The British soldiers make fun of everything, even the much-bestowed Iron Cross, copies of which are sold in the streets provide the subject for a joke. The wounded men at ...