Interior of Hosp. Train, Camp Hamilton for Ft Thomas

American Red Cross nurse at the railroad station at St. Etienne, helping wounded soldiers on to the tram cars which are being used as ambulances, July 1918

A wounded American about to be given a bath at the American Red Cross bath house near hospital No. [...] The men, still covered with mud and slime, are brought back on ...

American wounded come direct from the battlefields of France to the big American hospitals in the London area. Red Cross hospital train unloading Americans from St. Quentin at Dartford, where one of ...

Capt. Denis ARC delegate at Blois in front of U.S. Army Hospital train. Blois. Capt. Dennis, of the AMERICAN RED CROSS, in the railroad yards at Blois, France, preparing to meet American ...

Souilly (Meuse) France. Miss Winifred Bryce, of 294 Henry Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. giving gum and cigarettes to wounded soldiers on a hospital train. Miss Bryce was connected with American Red Cross Evacuation ...

Souilly (Meuse) France. When hospital trains pulled into the railroad stations of France the American Red Cross was always on hand to meet them. Here is Miss C. Wheeler, of 210 Pearl ...

Interior view of Hospital Train No. 54 with officers of the Medical Corps in attendance, France

German hospital train

Staff of Kaiserin's Hospital train -- Dr. Israels

Kaiserin's Hospital Train -- kitchen

Sleeping room in Kaiserin's Hospital Train

Hospital trains

Hospital train, Germany

Princess Aug. Wilhelm visiting a hospital train

The Red Cross staff of ARC hospital train in France

Marie Lea Halgand. Address: la Rinais. Commune de St. Joachim (Loire Inf.) protege of: Hospital Train. 55 St. Dizier (France)

Interior of hospital train, Norwegian Red Cross

Hospital train of the Norwegian Red Cross

Capt. Dennis, ARC delegate at Blois with staff serving hot drinks to an American Army Hospital train