Washington, D.C. In the officers' lounge at the United Nations service center, a hostess introduces a young officer to one of the volunteer hostesses

Washington's smallest diplomatic hostess. Washington, D.C., Sept. 21. As the new social season begins in Washington, little Didi Rajamaitri, Daughter of the Minister of Siam and Mme Abhibal Rajamaitri, continues to hold ...

Tea time in the air. Miss Wanda Wood, hostess for the Eastern Air Transport, serves tea for two, Misses Charlotte Childress and Elizabeth Hume, aboard one of the line's passenger planes. The ...

The hostess (Budweiser lager bier)

Emily Tennessee Donalson, niece of President Jackson and White House hostess

Mrs. Robert Tyler, White House hostess for President Tyler

Mrs. John (Julia Gardiner) Tyler, (2nd wife and White House hostess of President Tyler)

Mary Abigail Fillmore, hostess for President Fillmore at White House

Harriet Lane Johnston, White House hostess for President Buchanan

Martha Johnson Patterson, White House hostess for President Andrew Johnson

Mrs. Mary Scott Harrison McKee, White House hostess for President Benjamin Harrison

Sarah York Jackson, daughter-in-law and White House hostess for President Jackson

Mrs. Major Van Buren, daughter-in-law of President Van Buren and White House hostess

Rose Elizabeth Cleveland, President Grover Cleveland's sister and White House hostess

Helen Herron Taft (Manning), daughter and hostess at White House for President William Taft

Helen Woodrow Bones, cousin of President Woodrow Wilson, White House hostess

Mary Arthur McElroy, White House hostess for President Chester Arthur

Hostess House YWCA

At Hostess House, Y.W.C.A.

Tea at Hostess House