Home of Evangeline hot sauce. Saint Martinville, Louisiana. This sauce is made from hot peppers locally grown on small plots of ground by individual farmers

Selling "hot" peppers, the Mexican's choicest delicacy - market, Cordoba, Mexico

Hot peppers

Picking peppers for Green Heart tabasco sauce, New Iberia, La.

The style of Korea. [Korean red peppers on wicker tray]

[Red peppers with plant growing in the background]

Stringing chili

Portraits of Southwest Indians

Chiles & eggplant on sale at Gangtok Bazaar, Sikkim


Sign above the Camp Washington Chili restaurant in Cincinnati, Ohio

Mexican food

"Share The Meat" recipes. Baked eggs with cheese. Break the desired number of eggs into a hot, well-greased shallow baking dish. Dot with butter or other fat, sprinkle with salt and pepper. ...

Bill Graham posters [addition]

Bill Graham posters [addition]