Mexican Ambassador's daughter studies hula dancing. Washington, D.C., Jan. 26. Senorita Erma Castillo Nauera, daughter of the Mexican Ambassador and Senora de Castillo Nauera, has taken up the study of hula hula ...

[Japanese American soldiers of the 442nd Combat Team at dance, Camp Shelby, Mississippi, with Japanese American girls from Jerome and Rohwer Relocation Center in Arkansas: Private Harry Hamada doing hula dance and ...

[Paul Hornung on the dance floor, standing in a football pose, being watched by hula dancer Manu]

[Duke Kahanamoku dancing with hula dancer Aggie Auld]

Hula dancers

A hula dancing girl, a native of the Hawaiian Islands

A hula dancer girl, Honolulu, Hawaii

Pretty hula dancing girls with wreaths of flowers, Honolulu, Hawaii

Hula dancers performing at talent show

Hula dancing

Hawaii United Air Lines.

[Hawaii album, p. 27, portraits of women and men]


Hawaii by clipper

Hawaii - only hours away via Mainliner - United Air Lines

Polly and her pals. No more princesses in Ma's household

[Hawaii album, p. 7, portraits of Hawaiian women and men]

Pearl Harbor -- 15th anniversary

Amateur talent provided many an interesting show for other evacuees

[Hawaii album, p. 6, portraits of Hawaiian women and men]